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 Premiere of the Heart

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PostSubject: Premiere of the Heart   Premiere of the Heart EmptyWed Nov 11, 2009 10:20 am

A warm summer breeze blew outside as Gina stood outside the balcony of the apartment she shared with her best friend Adam who had given her a place to live when she moved to California close to a year ago.

Adam was the runner up of the hit tv reality show "American Idol" so the past year for him had been an adventure with radio interviews, working in the studio recording his album, album promotion when it was released, and now he was preparing for his first tour headlining for "Kris Allen" the winner of American Idol and one of his best friends.

Gina heard the front door of the apartment close and she knew Adam was home from the radio interview he had earlier that morning, she stepped into the apartment as Adam was placing his keys on the kitchen counter. "How did the radio interview go?" she asked him.

"Just like every other radio interview." Adam laughed "i answered the same question's i've been asked millions of times before pretending like i've never answered them before today."

"Your such a proffesional." Gina said with a giggle before she made her way into the kitchen "are you hungry babe?" she called him by the nickname she had always called him since they met in highschool.

"Yeah, there is no need in you cooking though when we can go and grab something to eat." Adam told her as he grabbed his keys once more.

"Alright." Gina shrugged her shoulders, there was no need in arguing with Adam because he always won so she usually just went along with whatever he said or suggested.

The two left the apartment, Adam held the passenger side door to his mustang open so she Gina could get inside then he closed the door once she had buckled her safety belt. "Where are we going to eat?" Gina asked as Adam got into the driver seat of the car.

"I'm kind of craving Mexican." Adam suggested to her "but we can go eat wherever you want, does not matter to me where we go."

"Mexican sounds good." Gina told him as she adjusted her sunglasses "while were out i need to call Jason and see if he is ready for me to pick Brooklyn up."

Brooklyn was Gina's 2 year old daughter who she had custody of but allowed her ex boyfriend who also lived in California to see her every other week for a few days.

"I've missed that little girl." Adam smiled at the mention of Brooklyn's name, he loved Brooklyn like she was his own daughter, Brooklyn loved Adam just as much as she loved her own father.

"Your always missing her when she goes to visit her dad." Gina smiled, she loved how close Adam was to brooklyn and she knew he wanted a child of his own but one thing stopped him from that, his sexuality.

Adam had known he was gay at a very young age, before his freshman year of highschool. he came out to everyone when he was 18 but Gina and his family knew about his sexuality not longer after he figured it out for himself. through highschool he was teased for being different so he waited to tell anyone fear of being teased even more.

"She just makes me smile." Adam told Gina "sometimes i wish she was our daughter and didn't belong to Jason."

"Believe me Adam, i wish that at times too." Gina sighed thinking of how her relationship with Jason had been. the first year with him had been great but at the start of thier second year together he became abusive to her. Gina stayed with him during her pregnancy with Brooklyn then she left as soon as she could get away from him.

Jason found out she had moved to California so he did the same and promised to stay away from Gina as long as she let him see Brooklyn, she hated leaving Brooklyn with him afraid he would hit her but she knew he loved his daughter and she prayed he would never lay a hand on her.

Gina and Adam had lunch together then she contacted Jason who agreed to meet them somewhere with Brooklyn. Adam lifted Brooklyn into his arms the minute she could reach him. Jason sighed and frowned before getting into his car, he hated seeing her daughter take to another man than himself.

"What did you do while you were at daddies?" Adam asked Brooklyn as he buckled her into the carseat he kept in the mustang for her.

"We pwayed." Brooklyn smiled up at Adam "me missed you Adam."

"I missed you too sweetheart." he smiled before kissing the top of her head.

"Mommy, can we go to the park please?" Brooklyn asked as Gina got into the passenger seat of the car.

"Baby i wish we could but mommy has to get home and go into work." Gina said as she looked into the backseat at her blond headed, blue eyed daughter."

"I can take her to the park." Adam offered "it wouldn't be a problem, you can take my car home and change for work. mom wouldn't mind picking Brooklyn and i up at the park."

"Are you sure?" Gina asked as she looked over at him.

"Wouldn't be a problem." Adam promised her as he drove the car towards the park.

"Unnle Adam you are the bestest." Brooklyn clapped her hands from the backseat.

"Uncle Adam has you spoiled." Gina said with a laugh while shaking her head.

"My like being spoiled, my is the princess." Brooklyn smiled at her mom.

"Yes, your uncle Adam's princess." Gina continued to laugh, it was a good thing he was not into women because it would be hard to compare with two of the most important women in his life, Gina and Brooklyn.

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PostSubject: Re: Premiere of the Heart   Premiere of the Heart EmptyWed Nov 11, 2009 11:51 am

Gina walked through the doors of the biggest hospital in that part of California where she worked as a RN on the maternity ward floor, she was greeted by her best friend Sara who was standing at the desk of the nurses station.

"Brooklyn still at her dad's?" Sara asked as Gina signed into work.

"No, we picked her up about 30 minutes ago. Adam took her to the park so i could go home and change before work."

"I swear he would adopt her if you would allow it." Sara said with a laugh.

"It's not me that wouldn't allow it, Jason is the one who would not allow it." Gina reminded her friend of Brooklyn's dad.

"I keep forgetting about him." Sara laughed "but he's such a damn jerk he is not worth even remembering."

Just then one of the nurses from the Emergency room ran down the hall of the maternity ward towards the girls, something was wrong and the two girls could tell by the panic in her voice.

"We don't have enough nurses in the Emergency room tonight and they are bringing someone in now who was involved in a car accident, can the emergency room borrow you two just for the time being?" the nurse asked with pleading eyes.

Gina and Sara both agreed then ran back down the hallway following close behind the other nurse, they were led into a surgery room where EMT's were bringing someone into the room on a stretcher.

"What happened?" Gina asked as she prepared herself.

"He was involved in a head on collision with a transfer truck, got thrown from his vehical." one of the EMT's told Gina.

"It's a wonder he is still alive." Sara said as she joined the team of nurses and doctor's preparing to work on the patient that had just been brought in.

Gina walked to the stretcher and gasped when she saw it was Brooklyn's dad Jason, she felt tears come to her eyes and she ran out of the room. Sara excused herself them followed behind her best friend.

"What is wrong?" Sara asked "you've seen situations like this before."

"It's Brooklyn's dad." Gina said through her tears "laying in there on the stretcher, i..can't work on him seeing him like that."

Just then the door leading into the room opened and a nurse stepped out. "We couldn't do anything for him, time of death 6:45."

"Oh god no." Gina said as she put her face in her hands, Sara felt the pain in her friend as she rubbed her back to calm her tears.

"Brooklyn is not going to understand." Gina said through her tears "how do you tell a 2 year old her daddy is gone?"

"I don't know hun." Sara said through her own tears "do you need the night off from work, they will understand."

"Yeah, i think i do." Gina said calming down a little "can you handle tell the nurse down here and the head nurse on the maternity ward?"

"Of course i can" Sara said before hugging her best friend "i want you to call Adam and tell him to come and pick you up, he can drive your car home."

Gina walked with Sara back to the floor of the maternity ward, she grabbed her purse then left the hospital, outside she dialed Adam's cell phone and waited for him to answer.

"Hello?" came Adam's voice from the other end of the cell phone.

"Adam, are you and Brooklyn still at the park?" Gina asked.

"Yeah, mom just pulled up to get us though. Brooklyn is getting tired." Adam explained "is something wrong? you sound like you have been crying."

"I need your mom to bring you here to the hospital and drive me home, let her take Brooklyn home with her." Gina said as tears fell from her eyes once more.

"Are you sick?" Adam asked with panic in his voice.

"I will explain when you get here." Gina said before ending the call. sitting down on the sidewalk she waited for Adam to pick her up and drive her back to the apartment.
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PostSubject: Re: Premiere of the Heart   Premiere of the Heart EmptyWed Nov 11, 2009 1:41 pm

Adam walked Gina towards her car, she had been silent since his mom had dropped him off. Adam was dying to know the reason behind the phone call and why he was there now, but he figured he would let her be the first to speak.

"Jason is dead." Gina finally spoke, her voice was shaky and soft as she looked towards the ground.

"Jason as in Brooklyn's father?" Adam asked with shock in his voice "Gina, that can't be true, we just saw him not even 3 hours ago, are you sure about this."

"I saw him for myself before he was pronounced dead." Gina said tears streaming down her face, she couldn't understand why she was taking this so hard then she remembered Brooklyn and she suddenly knew why.

"Wow." was all Adam could manage to say, he could not imagine what was going through her head at that moment but he knew he had to be there for her "i am so sorry sweetie."

"I don't know how i am going to tell Brooklyn." Gina sighed as she got into the passenger seat of her own car, Adam slid into the driver seat then placed his hand on hers.

They set there in silence for a few minutes, Gina then turned and looked at Adam as she saw the softness in his blue eyes she allowed herself to break down into tears. Adam took her in his arms and held her while she cried into his shirt.

"I think it would be best for my mom to keep Brooklyn tonight." Adam suggested to Gina "she loves my parent's so she will be fine there."

"I don't know what i would do without you." Gina said as she raised her head and starred into his eyes. it was true, without Adam she would have been lost in so many situations but he was always there to help her through them.

"You wouldn't have a place to live and you wouldn't have a gay guy to give you opinions on your clothes." Adam laughed which caused her to laugh a little.

Adam drove the car towards the apartment, when Gina walked through the front door first thing she did was call Jason's mom to see if she hard heard the news and how she was taking it.

"My mom said she would not mind keeping Brooklyn tonight." Adam told Gina as she ended the phone conversation with Jason's mother.

"Good." Gina said as she took in a deep heavy breath and let it out "god i can't believe he is gone after we just saw him earlier today."

"You never know when your life is going to end." Adam said as he set down beside her "the clock of life keeps ticking away and when it's your time to go, there is no warning."

"I know." Gina said as she let him put his arm around her "Adam, is there anything you would like to do before you die that you have not done yet?"

"Of course there is." Adam told her before kissing her cheek "what about you?"

"I think we all have that one thing we want to do before we die." Gina told him resting her head on his shoulder.

Gina lay in bed that night unable to sleep, everytime she closed her eyes she would see Jason's face. she also kept thinking about what Sara had said earlier that day about Adam adopting Brooklyn, nothing would stop him from doing so now.

Gina heard the door to her room open, she set up in the bed and saw Adam's tall figure standing in the doorframe of her bedroom. "Adam, what are you doing? is everything alright?"

"Remember the question you asked me earlier today." Adam said as he set down on the side of her bed.

"About that something you've always wanted to do before you died?" Gina asked him "Yeah i remember, what about it?"

"I want a baby." Adam said in a voice so slow Gina thought she was going to need him to repeat what he had said.

"A baby that is your blood?" Gina asked "that is no secret Adam, i've always known that is something you wanted."

"You could help me out with that." Adam told her "i have been thinking and there is no other woman i would want to be the mother of my child than you."

"Adam have you lost your mind?" Gina asked turning on the bed side lamp so she could see his eyes which looked serious and not joking at all.

"No," Adam told her "i've wanted to tell you this for awhile but i never could get up the guts. i want a baby by you Gina."

"Alright, and when do you suggest we try for this baby?" Gina asked.

"Are you ovalating now?" Adam asked her.

"I can't believe you know that much about me." Gina said turning red as she shook her head.

"So now would be the perfect time." Adam said as he leaned in and started kissing her til she fell back onto the bed.
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PostSubject: Re: Premiere of the Heart   Premiere of the Heart EmptyWed Nov 11, 2009 4:16 pm

Gina opened her eyes to find herself laying beside Adam who was asleep and naked underneath the cover, he was not the only one naked her clothes were missing from her body as well.

"Did this really happen last night?" Gina asked herself as she got out of bed and walked through the hallway towards the bathroom so she could shower.

Letting the warm water run down her body she thought about the happenings from the night before, from the moment she realized it was Jason laying there on the stretcher til the moment she reached her climax with Adam and fell asleep with him holding her in his arms.

For the past year since she had been living with Adam she had started to have more than friendly feelings for him but never said anything because she knew with his sexuality she did not stand a chance with him, she would take the sex she'd had with him the night before and always remember being that close to him.

"Your cell phone was ringing." Gina heard Adam's voice from the other side of the shower curtain, she was used to him coming into the bathroom while she showered, she never had anything to worry about for she knew he was not interested in her in anything other than a best friend.

"Who was showing on the caller ID?" Gina asked him as she wiped shampoo from her eyes.

"I think it was Jason's mom calling you, i didn't know the name so i am assuming it was her." Adam responded to her question "want some breakfast? i'm in the mood for pancakes."

"Breakfast will be fine, i can cook it though when i get out of the shower." Gina told him.

"I have not cooked breakfast in awhile so let me." Adam begged with her "it's my day off so i want to enjoy it by doing stuff i enjoy doing."

"Alright." Gina told before she heard the bathroom door close. Gina finished with her shower then dressed in a pair of lounging pants and a t-shirt, she put her hair up into a ponytail then went into the kitchen where Adam was "smells good in here babe."

"I called and checked on Brooklyn and mom said she is fine." Adam said as he turned to face Gina "she was watching cartoons when i called."

"Adam, about last night." Gina started as she set down at the kitchen table.

"Please don't hold what happened against me." Adam said as he turned back around to face the stove "i know what i wanted and what i wanted is what happened between us."

"I'm not going to hold it against you, i am flattered you trust me so much to mother your child." Gina said "but Adam you gotta admitt it was awkward for the both of us."

"You seemed to be enjoying it." Adam smiled as he looked at her.

"Don't remind me of that." Gina said placing her face in her hands "i don't want to be reminded how much i enjoyed that happening between us."

"Lemme ask you something though." Adam said "have you liked me as something more than a friend for awhile?"

"Yes." Gina sighed "there i've finally admitted it to you and i am so ashamed to admit it."

"Because of my sexuality?" Adam asked her.

"Well, yeah." Gina said to him "put yourself in my shoes Adam, what if i was the one gay and you straight?"

"I've got something to tell you though." Adam said as he got closer to her and took her by the hand pulling her up towards his lips.

"What is that?" Gina asked as she starred into his eyes which looked serious and kind.

"I'm bi-sexual." Adam whispered against her lips before kissing her "do you know how hard it's been to keep my feelings from you for the past year?"

"Actually i do." Gina smiled against his lips "so what does this mean exactly?"

"We will give it some more time and see how much stronger our feelings get for one another." Adam told her "then we will decide what to do between the two os us."
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PostSubject: Re: Premiere of the Heart   Premiere of the Heart EmptyFri Nov 13, 2009 4:43 pm

Gina walked into the funeral home she and Jason's mom had decided would recieve family and friends for him, Gina had agreed to help her make arrangment's and Adam was supposed to pick Brooklyn up from his mom's house.

"It's still so hard to believe he is gone." Jason's mom said as she shook her head "it's like i'm having a bad dream and i can't seem to wake from it."

"I know what you mean." Gina said as the door leading into the room opened, they made arrangments and Jason would be shown the following night there at the funeral home.

Gina was getting into her car when her cell phone began to vibrate in her purse, she searched for her phone then looked down at the screen to see Adam was calling her.

"Hey babe." Gina said answering the phone "did you get Brooklyn for me?"

"Yeah, i am taking her to Mcdonald's for a happy meal, would you like to meet us there?" Adam asked her.

"Sure, i guess i could." Gina said before yawning, she had not got a good nights sleep and it was really catching up with her now.

"We will see you in a minute then, were gonna eat outside on the tables near the play center." Adam told her "want me to have your food waiting?"

"Yeah, i'll have a salad and water." Gina told him "not very hungry right now with all that is going on and i had breakfast this morning."

Gina ended the phone conversation, she turned the radio on and smiled when she heard the music from the new Colbie Caillat song begin to play, the song described the way she felt about Adam perfectly.

"I've been spending all my time just thinking bout you i don't know what to do, i think i'm fallin for you."

Gina parked her car beside Adam's mustang at Mcdonald's she walked out to the play center and found Brooklyn sitting in Adam's lap eating her chicken nuggets and apples, she saw Gina and smiled before getting down from Adam's lap and running towards her.

"Hey princess." Gina said as she lifted Brooklyn into her arms and hugged her close "did you have fun with uncle Adam's mom last night?"

"Yes my did." Brooklyn said laying her head on Gina's shoulder "but me missed you and uncle Adam."

"Sweetie Uncle Adam and i have to tell you something." Gina said taking in a deep breath, this was the moment she had dreaded since she learned Jason had passed.

"What is it mommy?" Brooklyn asked as she fixed her focus on Gina and then on Adam.

"Honey, yesterday your daddy was in a car accident." Gina said softly as she touched Brooklyn's cheek.

"Is he okay?" Brooklyn asked looking worried "i want to go see him mommy and take him a teddy bear."

Gina looked at Adam with tears coming to her eyes, Adam could see how hard this was on Gina so he swallowed hard then cleared his throat before speaking.

"Brooklyn, princess..i'm afraid we won't be able to go to the hospital to see your daddy." Adam said as he took the toddler's hand in his "your daddy died yesterday afternoon, he is in heaven sweetheart."

Brooklyn's eyes filled with tears before she put her arms around Gina's neck and began to cry, Gina cried with her while Adam wrapped his arms around the both of them, this was so hard on the two girls and he hated it had happened.

"Why did god take my daddy?" Brooklyn asked as she looked up at Adam.

"God needed another angel sweetheart." Adam explained to her just like his mother had explained to him when his grandfather passed when Adam was a young age.

"But i needed my daddy too." Brooklyn said softly.

"Yeah, but baby god knows you have mommy and uncle Adam to take care of you." Gina smiled "your daddy will be helping god take care of the sick people in heaven."

"I love you mommy and uncle Adam." Brooklyn said as Gina placed a stand of blond hair behind Brooklyn's ear.

"We love you too." Adam said before he bent down to kiss the top of her forhead "don't forget that ethier, alright?"

"I won't." Brooklyn said before she got out of Gina's lap and went off to play on the slide nearby.
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PostSubject: Re: Premiere of the Heart   Premiere of the Heart EmptyFri Nov 13, 2009 7:00 pm

"Adam can you come zip my dress?" Gina asked from her bedroom the following evening, she wore a black dress that came a little above her knee's and a black pair of heels.

"Yeah, sure." Adam said as he made his way down the small hallway in the apartment leading towards Gina and Brooklyn's bedroom. Adam wore a black pair of dress pants and a Royal blue dress shirt that really seemed to bring out his deep blue eyes.

"I've still got to dress Brooklyn and fix my hair and make-up." Gina said with a sigh "i am running out of time."

"I can dress Brooklyn for you." Adam said as he zipped the back of her dress "then you can do your hair and make-up."

"I seriously don't know what i would do without you." Gina said as she turned to face him, she kissed his cheek then watched as he smiled before turning to leave the room.

"Alright Brooklyn, i am going to dress you so mommy can finished getting dressed, what do you want to wear sweetie?" Adam asked as he walked into the livingroom where Brooklyn was watching cartoons.

"My pink dress daddy bought me for my b-day." Brooklyn said as she looked up at Adam "it's in mine and mommy's closet."

"Your daddy would be happy to see you in that dress." Adam smiled at her as she took his hand and followed him to the bedroom where Gina was applying her make-up.

Adam dressed Brooklyn in the pink dress Jason had bought for her a month ago for her birthday. Gina watched them through her make-up mirror and couldn't help but smile, he was so good with her and she loved him for it.

"Unnel Adam, do i wook pretty?" Brooklyn asked as she twirled in the dress for him.

"No sweetheart i'm sorry to say you don't." Adam smiled at her "you look beautiful, just like your momma."

Gina felt her heart skip a beat hearing those words coming from him, his feelings for her were becoming hard for him to contain and he was just letting go of whatever he was feeling for her.

"Will i be seeing unnel Kris tonight?" Brooklyn wanted to know, she was reffering to Adam's best friend from Idol who lived not far from the apartment.

"Yes sweetheart you will." Adam told her before he kissed her forehead "go watch your cartoons while mommy finished getting dressed."

"Then i will be watching cartoons for another hour." Brooklyn sighed before she left the room leaving Adam laughing and Gina shaking her head.

"You teach her these things Lambert." Gina finally laughed.

"She looks up to me, what am i supposed to do?" Adam continued to laugh before he kissed Gina on the cheek "i was not lying when i said you looked beautiful."

"Alright castanova you've already won my heart." Gina said looking up at him.

Adam carried Brooklyn into the apartment that night, it was well past her bedtime and she had fallen asleep in the car on thier way home from the funeral home and then having dinner with Kris.

"I could have carried her in." Gina said as she set on the couch massaging her feet which were killing her from standing in heels for most of the night.

"It wasn't a problem." Adam said as he set down on the couch beside her "i really hope what happened last night between us got you pregnant."

"So do i." Gina smiled at him "but if it didn't work the first time we can just try again."

"You just like grabbing onto my bare ass." Adam told her with a sneaky grin on his face.

"If i remember right you had trouble keeping your hands off my boobs." Gina laughed.

"I've gotta say it's been awhile since i touched boobs." Adam told her.

"Was the feeling the same as your remembered?" Gina asked with a laugh.

"Better." Adam told her before he started to kiss her lips causing her to fall back onto the couch.
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PostSubject: Re: Premiere of the Heart   Premiere of the Heart EmptyFri Nov 20, 2009 10:22 am

It had been a little over a month since Jason had been killed in the car accident, Brooklyn was slowly getting used to the idea she could no longer go visit her dad and only seemed be getting closer with Adam.

Gina leaned against the sink in the bathroom she had just finished taking a pregnancy test and she now waited for the results. she prayed the results would be positive because she wanted more than anything to make Adam happy.

"Adam i'm about to check the results of the pregnancy test." Gina hollered through the bathroom door, seconds later the bathroom door opened and Adam came into the bathroom closing the door behind him "You check it, i'm scared."

"Alright." Adam said he stood in front of her and reached behind her for the pregnancy rest his pelvic area pressed against her body causing her to take in a deep breath and smile.

"Two lines mean your pregnant right?" Adam asked her, a smile was showing on his face telling Gina she was indeed pregnant.

Gina threw her arms around Adam's neck as tears filled her eyes, tears of happiness and not sadness. she couldn't believe she was pregnant with her best friend's baby but she couldn't be more happier about it.

"Thank you." Adam whispered against the side of her neck.

"Thank you too." Gina said as Adam looked her in the eyes, she could see his misty eyes and she smiled at the thought of him being so happy "i need to find a doctor and call to make an appointment."

"I want you to have the best doctor out there." Adam told her "it's my baby too and i want the best for you and for the baby."

"Don't worry babe i will find the best doctor i can." Gina smiled at him "i work in a hospital on a a maternity ward, i have connections."

"I gotta meet with some writters." Adam said before he kissed her lightly on the lips "we will tell Brooklyn tonight over dinner at the fanciest resturant in town."

Gina smiled as she watched him leave the bathroom, since the night after Jason's funeral viewing she and Adam had made love a handful of times, each time being more passionate than the time before.

"Mommy what are we going to do today?" Brooklyn asked as she came into the bathroom.

"Your going to spend the day at the park with Adam's mom so mommy's friend Sara and mommy can talk." Gina said lifting Brooklyn into her arms.

"I love the park and i love Adam's mommy." Brooklyn smiled at Gina who then kissed her nose.

Gina dressed Brooklyn she met Adam's mom at the park then kissed Brooklyn on the cheek before she drove away calling Sara on her way to her favorite mexican resturant.

"Can you meet me at the mexican resturant down from the hospital?" Gina asked when Sara picked up the phone.

"Sure, what's up though?" Sara wanted to know.

"I will tell you over lunch together." Gina said before ending the phone call.

"Your pregnant?" Sara asked with a shocked expression on her face "and the baby belongs to Adam?"

"Yeah." Gina smiled "is that so hard to believe?"

"Considering Adam's sexuality?" Sara asked "Yes it is hard to believe."

"He told me he is bi-sexual." Gina said before taking a bite of her burrito "were kind of starting to get into a relationship i think, not sure but i think he is wanting that between us."

"Be careful getting into a relationship with him." Sara warned her friend "i love Adam and he is so good to you and Brooklyn but he is gay and him wanting to get into a relationship with a girl could be dangerous."

"Because he will slowly start to realize he wants a man instead of a woman?" Gina wanted to know.

"Your words, not mine." Sara told her leaving Gina to think about her own words.
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PostSubject: Re: Premiere of the Heart   Premiere of the Heart EmptyThu Nov 26, 2009 10:10 pm

Gina was doing the breakfast dishes from that morning when she felt someone's arms wrap around her from behind, she smiled knowing it was Adam so she turned to face him.

"I contacted a doctor today and i go in tomorrow morning for a check up." Gina smiled up at his tall frame.

"Good, i can go with you then because i don't have any writting sessions tomorrow. where is Brooklyn?" Adam asked.

"She is with your mom." Gina told him as she turned to finish the dishes but Adam grabbed her arm lightly stopping her.

"So we have the apartment alone?" Adam asked with a smirk on his face, Gina knew where this was going and she smiled knowing she would not be able to tell him no so she might as well give in.

Adam lifted Gina into his arms and she wrapped her legs around his waist, he removed her shirt as he took her towards his bedroom then lowered her gently onto the bed.

"Adam, can we talk before we go any futher with this?" Gina asked as she lay on the bed with him on his knee's towering over her body already sweating.

"What is is babe?" Adam asked tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

"Were getting more and more into a relationship Adam, and although i do love you i am scared." Gina told him.

"Scared of what?" Adam asked her "that i would get you into a relationship with me then realize i love men too much to do a relationship with a woman?"

"Yeah." Gina sighed "i don't want to be hurt by you Adam, i care too much about you."

"Gina, sweetie i would never hurt you like that." Adam said tracing her jawline with his fingertips "if i didn't want to get into a relationship with you then i would not let myself go this far with you."

"I love you Adam." Gina spoke the words for the first time and it felt so good to let those words go.

"I love you too." Adam whispered against her ear "now relax baby and let me do all the work."

"Your gonna have another baby?" Brooklyn asked as they set at dinner that night in the fanciest resturant in thier part of California.

"Yes sweetheart i am." Gina said as Adam placed his hand inside hers.

"And unnle Adam is the daddy?" Brooklyn asked making sure she had heard her mom right when she told her the news.

"Yes baby." Gina laughed "now how do you feel about this?"

"I can't wait to be a big sister." Brooklyn smiled "and it's about time Uncle Adam became your boyfriend."

"Oh, um, he isn't my boyfriend." Gina blushed.

"Were working on that part still." Adam explained to Brooklyn "so your alright with mommy having a baby?"

"Yes." Brooklyn said "now can i have some ice cream?"

"Yes." Gina laughed as she shook her head "your a ice cream freak like your uncle Adam."

"It's good." Adam and Brooklyn said at the same time before laughing.
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Premiere of the Heart
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